Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 12: Something I have bought recently

I'm being completely honest and completely boring when I say that the only things I've bought in the past 2 weeks are groceries, a new toothbrush, and Indian corn. Yay for 5th grade lessons about the Pilgrims.

Almost a month ago, I went into Hobby Lobby and almost had a panic attack while perusing the aisles- the stuff at that magical place has that kind of effect on me. I could spend so much money on things that I either don't need or am wistfully hoping to learn how to make, and the big weekly 50% off sales are ever so alluring. Because of that, I've created two precautions in order that I never blow my entire spending allowance on home decor and pretty fabric: 1) only go to Hobby Lobby when in a hurry and on a mission 2) leave my debit card at home. Under the mattress. Or somewhere where I can't use it unless I intentionally go searching for it to buy that random wall art that I've been eyeing since the day I stepped into the Hob Lob.

Anyone else have this problem? I find myself in the same dilemma at Target, although Target has a funny way of convincing me that even that 3rd pair of black dress pants are absolutely essential to my life- they're 30% off!

Even with all of these precautions holding me back, I still found myself walking out of Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago with a iron-twisted pumpkin thing and an artificial Christmas wreath. 50% off, ya'll.

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