Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 13: Something I want to buy

Must-Have Obsession Of The Day: Anthropologie House Slippers

I want these! Anthropologie will always be one of those stores that I avoid looking at online because I know I can never (reasonably) afford it... but I love their stuff!

There might be a lot of judgment cast upon me for this, but I also really want to buy Justin Beiber's Christmas album. Judge on, but I've been convinced that his rendition of the old Christmas tunes are way better than the ones where he croons "baby" over and over again.

I also would like to be handed a new laptop from the sky, seeing as mine is a chunker that decides to quit working in the middle of typing important things. But we've been doing some counseling, and after a few more weeks of whispering softly in its ear we're hoping that it will stop dying and last me through Block 2.

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