Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 15: Somewhere I’d like to move/visit

How big of a blog post am I allowed for today's topic? I could go on for DAYS.

Ultimately, I'd love to move out of the country. To those who understand my mindset of international missions and have been surrounded by others who have moved across the globe, it seems normal, but it's hilarious to watch the reactions of those who have never really met someone really serious about living overseas. I love 'murica, but I love other people and other places so much more. Here's just a few places that I would love to move to or visit:

Llamas and panchos, mountains and jungles, take me to PERU.

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Ahhhh Greece.

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My heart hurts for Central Asians. I would go to Afghanistan in a heartbeat.

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I went to the Louvre in high school, but we weren't there near as long as I would have liked- D and I are going back one day!

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Home to Adoniram Judson and my refugee friends, I would LOVE to visit Burma/Myanmar. Plus, it's absolutely beautiful.

Those are just the ones at the top of my list. I highly doubt I'll ever make it to all of those places, but we can't help but hope, right? :)

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