Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 20: A hobby of mine

I like to call my hobbies "old lady hobbies" because I don't know many people younger than age 60 who like to do what I do for fun. These hobbies all began when I went to quilt camp (yes, those kinds of camps exist) and created my first quilt. In high school, I worked at the neatest fabric store/quilt shop and learned how to make even more cool things- and I collected a lot of fabric throughout those years! I am most proud of a twin-size quilt I made for my grandparents in high school- each grandkid drew a picture on fabric of an activity they love to do with our grandparents, and I sewed them all together with some fun fabric and gave them the quilt for Christmas. However, on the other end of the spectrum, one of my greatest disappointments in life came when I procrastinated and didn't finish a quilt in time to give to my Memaw before she died- she had asked me to take dresses and pictures of my Granny and sew them all into a quilt for her. I almost finished, but I waited and procrastinated just long enough that she passed away before I could finish- and it still sits in our sewing room at home, pinned together & ready for the 3 layers to be quilted together.

Quilting is a rather expensive hobby, so I sometimes resort to knitting and/or crocheting, but the sewing machine that my Memaw gave me 5 years ago has always been one of my most prized possessions. I'm hoping to learn in the near future how to sew apparel and how to smock (I gotta start on my children's entire wardrobe well before I even think about bringing a little child into the world, right?). Basically I'm just the most domestic diva you've ever seen, right?

Other than that, I occasionally like to pretend like I know how to play the piano or write, but I'm very mediocre at both things and I'll maybe try to improve in those areas when I actually am an old lady and have nothing else to do- but for now, I'll stick with the old lady hobbies I already have :) I'm a little mixed up, aren't I?

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