Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 24: Dinner

If I could choose 10 people- dead or alive- to invite to dinner, who would they be? What would be on the menu for dinner?

  1. Shirley Temple (we're kindred spirits)

  2. Jim & Elisabeth Elliot (this one's a no-brainer)

  3. Adoniram Judson

  4. Josh Groban (so he can serenade us and teach me how to play a beautiful ballad on the piano... and if he doesn't play piano, he'll bring his pianist along)

  5. Steve Urkel (because who wouldn't want Urkel to come to dinner?)

  6. My Memaw (for obvious reasons)

  7. Dave (he may not be to happy if I don't invite him to dinner)

  8. Martha Stewart (and I'll snag her into planning our entire wedding)

  9. Contessa from "Barefoot Contessa"... if her name is actually Contessa. I don't actually know what her real name is. But she won't come to dinner, she'll stay in the kitchen and make us good food... because I can't stand the way she talks.

  10. My African momma- I really miss her mucho

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