Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Confessions of a "Well-Planned Hoarder"

One of the biggest obstacles in our first few weeks (months?) of marriage was determining the standard for organization and cleanliness. I knew I was somewhat organized and liked to keep mold from growing in my living space, but there's something about sharing a bathroom and kitchen sink with a boy that seems to spotlight my high standards for a well-kept home. Since I am Mrs. Organization and am studying to be the facilitator of 20-something students under the age of 12 (also known as an elementary teacher), the battle with my new husband for an organized home was a bit more of a challenge. For example:
He said: "Where's the computer charger?"
She said: "In the box under the coffee table. It'll always be there, so you will always know where to find it."
He said: "Why would you do that? Just leave it plugged in the wall!"
I just can't handle something as ugly as a charger not having a "place" out of sight. Hence the box under the coffee table. But my manly husband doesn't understand why the plug has to be out of sight!

I've been dwelling a lot lately on the true importance of organization in my season of life and what it truly accomplishes. I like being organized because it helps me feel like my life is under control and running efficiently. But how much of our lives are dedicated to organizing?

This minimalist blog struck my heart in a freshly sharp way. Could organization become "well-planned hoarding"? Are we constantly in the business of getting our clutter together and out of sight? I'm not talking about a time organizer (like an agenda or calendar), I'm talking stuff. I had a breakdown last weekend because I couldn't find "a thing to wear" in the massive mounds of clothes that had stacked up inside my closet. Sound familiar? I dedicate at least 45 minutes each week to finding a place for all those clothes in our little apartment and single dresser. Perhaps what I need is less organizing skills and simply less.

I could use the time I spend re-organizing my messy and crammed clothes drawers doing much more productive things like serving my husband. Or doing my never-ending homework. And being content with just a few quality items in my closet, because all I need is less.

Do you agree? This is a difficult concept to adopt in a consumerist, there-is-never-enough era. I'm learning, and I'm mostly just tired of re-organizing my super-crammed closet all. the. time. The lesson learned is contentment and uprooting of the stuff I don't really need so I can spend my hours on the things that really mean a whole lot more. What is most worth your precious and fleeting time?

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  1. :) Love to hear what you're learning. Matt always wants to leave the charger plugged in too...must be a boy thing.