Friday, October 5, 2012

Moving Day, just one more time

I've moved around a lot. I started my blogging journey way back in my freshman year of college with the blog name "Peaceful Heart" and a need for a creative outlet. I needed a way to get my thoughts out, and I really liked the idea of creating a blog template to fit my personality. But... who starts a blog thinking that no one will ever find it or read it?!

I'm not sure when people started actually reading my blog, but it became something that I loved to do. It goes deeper than the trendiness of DIY blogs and spill-your-heart-on-your-sleeves-in-hopes-that-someone-will-notice. Instead, blogging became a means for me to discover how much I love the written word and heartfelt truth

I've moved from emharrod to emilymdahl, and from Blogger to Wordpress and back to Blogger, and through it all I've only changed my blog name once. That's a good thing, because I'm already getting confused from all the changes. Hopefully the blog-moving will end here. I am still praying and thinking through my goals for this blog, and I'm excited to materialize what has been whipping through my brain!

So, for now... sit tight and wait. And add to your blogroll, if you want. I've got a lot of random interests, and I hope to be able to morph them into one Kasih-Mengasihi blog!

What important things do you look for in a blog??

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