Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving, Way (way) Down South

When I signed up to go on this trip for student teaching, I was fully aware that we would miss Thanksgiving. I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday (but I say that about most holidays when I get to see my WHOLE family), so it kind of made me sad to miss the day. And when we found out Thanksgiving isn't even celebrated in Ecuador... that school is in session just like every other week... we decided to bring America to Ecuador for a day! We are so thankful for a host family that is gracious and precious and more than willing to welcome us into their family for the month. When we asked to make Thanksgiving Dinner for them, it became a family affair in which we cooked TONS of food for about 17 people. And it turned out fantastic!

Eleana was precious and decorated the house for dinner... Even though pink roses don't really scream "Thanksgiving" they looked beautiful!

I cooked sweet potato casserole with purple potatoes! It looked really strange, but it tasted as great as always!

Our lineup of goods!

So thankful to feel a little at home for an evening in a house that smells like turkey and people who make us smile!

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