Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Middle of the World

This past weekend was packed with so much that I decided to break it up into several posts. On Saturday, we took a visit to "El Centro del Mundo," or the center of the Earth, or as we call it- The Equator!! Ecuador is one of just a handful of countries that reside on the equator, but because of the mountains it is typically a breezy 60-70 degrees. The park we visited was really interesting, and I clearly had a little fun:

I'm standing on two hemispheres! Whaaaat?!
A stuffed llama!!

We also walked through several museums at the park, including an insectarium (gross, look at the SIZE of those beetles!!!!) and a cultural exhibit of the indigenous groups in Ecuador. Quito is a very modern city, so it was really neat to see the unique groups that exist outside the capital city.

After the Equator, we went shopping and bartering at a market, where of of course I bought a silk llama scarf... And lots of Christmas presents! We joined our host mom for Mass at the CUTEST country church and stopped by a local bakery for some yummo things. It was so fancy that I had to take a picture! I have seen so many beautiful places here that I am afraid I will forget. I got some strange looks for taking pictures at the bakery, but I don't want to forget!

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