Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Valentine

"It was so very good of God to let me dreams come true,
to note a young girl's cherished hopes, then lead her right to you;
So good of Him to take such care in little, detailed parts
(He knows how much details mean to young and wishful hearts)..."
-Ruth Bell Graham

We spent our 4th Valentine's Day together this past week, and this one celebrated as a married couple taught me more about marriage, selflessness, and true unconditional love than any of the previous "love"-filled days put together. I'm thankful for a husband who loves me in a sanctifying way; for the opportunity to learn more about how selfish I truly am in order to learn how to truly love him and other people without also serving myself. Without me even knowing it, God paired us together to take care of the itty bitty details that I didn't even know my heart needed in a husband.

Marriage is refining like that.

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