Saturday, March 16, 2013

Finding It.

Writing does something to stir my heart. I read something once, and for the life of me I cannot remember where, that explained writing as a place where words can get my mind to understand what my heart has been longing to say. And that is exactly what it has been for me. As I de-cluttered our house in an effort to live more simply in 2013, I stumbled upon the treasure trove of journals and diaries written by an awkward frizzball named Emily, dating all the way back to 1998. And wow... did I have some interesting things to say!

One of the most tragically common topics in my handwritten anthology was the curious "who am I, really?" I knew who my friends were, and I knew I belonged to Jesus, but nothing stumped me more than knowing who I was as an individual. What were my gifts? What was I good at? What was my style? Who did God create me to be?

This year, as I begin simplifying my life in order to create and appreciate more beauty, I have come to know this:

You are created by an artistic Creator.

The Creator has placed beautiful capabilities in YOU to create beautiful things in your own unique way...

...for HIS glory.

Don't try to squash them because they aren't grand enough.

Don't try to avoid them because they are scary enough.

Embrace them because they are enough.

He created you with a purpose-- to glorify Him-- and you will thrive when you live according to that glorious purpose.

Once I embraced my purpose, I began to see true beauty as designed by the Lord. I cannot create beauty on a painted canvas, but the creativity and beauty flows through me every day when I teach my students. And when I make food for my husband. And when I write out the spillings of my heart on a fresh, clean page. I have learned to cherish the beauty of a heartfelt poem, well-crafted cupcake, and a fresh, airy bedroom. I've learned that it's okay to wear a polka-dot shirt to work and spend my Friday evenings watching Wheel of Fortune. He created me to be contemplative with a twinge of bubbly, and I thrive the most when I let myself serve and create with that personality. It allows my soul to finally breathe because it is so much easier to live a purposeful life when I truly embrace who He created me to be.

So what's the next step? Learn to craft that beauty into a way that gives God the most glory. But I'll talk about that soon. Until then, work to draw out the creative purposes in other people, as David Helms so thoughtfully puts it:
"A higher calling is to see the art in someone else. To look someone in the eye and say there is art in your soul, I dare you to release it. To call the gold out of someone. To help them 'wash from their soul the dust of everyday life.'" (source)

So, the question is... are you embracing your unique creativity?

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