Wednesday, December 17, 2008

TOTAL truth

It's Christmas Break, and I am so excited to finally have time to catch up on some overdue reading! I recently starting reading a graduation gift from my church, the book Total Truth, by Nancy Pearcy, and it is very thought-provoking. I am only forty pages in to this 500-page book, and already I've been challenged and encouraged. The subtitle says "Liberating Christianity from its cultural captivity," and that's exactly what I've learned about so far! I've been stabbed in the heart to realize that I haven't truly acknowledged God's Word as a light to my path- if I was truly acknowledging it as able to transform my mind, then I would integrate it into every aspect of my life.

There is no religion/reason line, instead Pearcey claims that Reason ultimately has some type of premise beneath it. "It is not as though Christians have faith, while secularists base their convictions purely on facts and reason. Secularism itself is based on ultimate beliefs, just as much as Christianity is." (p. 42)

So, in light of all this, we as Christians must keep in mind that every aspect of our lives, from schoolwork to careers to family life, must be drenched in holy anointment. Every single aspect of our lives should reflect God's Word. This will truly bring about a set apart life, one that the rest of the world can't help but notice. I want to leave you with the verse that convicted me so much; the one that leads me to repentance and a transformed life. And hopefully you will take it to heart as well.

"For although they knew God, they neither glorified him
as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their
foolish hearts were darkened." -Romans 1:21

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  1. Emily! I'm so encouraged that you're reading this great book. I'm glad we could give it to you.