Friday, February 5, 2010

Reality Check.

It's a very good thing when you realize what makes you smile.
For me, it's a very good thing to realize those things when you're just feeling a little down and feeling a little lackluster.
It's things like loving my job.
Making people smile, and people that make me smile.
Teaching a kid a concept, and all of a sudden... they get it.
Talking about TESL with several people who are just excited about it as I am.
Having genuine best friends.
Picking up the practice of intense journal writing once again.
Setting an actual "date" with Jesus every morning (more to come on that.)
Realizing God is a good, good God. And He sustains us.

I needed that boost of happiness every single day this week in order to realize that God really does have a plan for me and that He has not forgotten me. Wayyy too often I get caught up in my sinful and desperate state, thinking I will never be good enough to "earn" the status of a true child of God... but Earth to Emily: there's these great things called grace & mercy! And God sustains us, even when we are most definitely not "good enough." Thank you for making me smile, God. :)

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