Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We are the Children of God

I have a hoarse voice, an awesome farmers tan, and a guitar silly band. All these things come with a great experience at CentriKid camps!
So this week at Eckerd College in St. Pete, Satan has tried his hardest to stop our team from allowing God to use us. We had a massive storm on opening night, a lot of very sick staffers, and other exciting experiences. But our awesome staff has relied on Christ, and God definitely showed us His presence tonight! The Holy Spirit was clearly evident in the auditorium tonight when our camp pastor gave the invitation, and campers were able to talk with us or with their church group leader more about becoming a child of God. That's what CK camps this summer is all about: Bon Appetit, finding the recipe for your life, and becoming a child of God. It has been so encouraging to see that, although we had been saying that God really is always there, it really hit home for us tonight. Kids' lives are being changed, and they are taking it back to their churches at home to share with friends!! (Um, a 3rd grader bought 24 Bibles to bring back to their friends. Yes.)
So anyway, the promised photos:

I have 3rd graders for Bible Study- go team Yellow 1!!!

To go along with the theme, Bon Appetit, these are my top chefs! :)

My Bible Study room: I absolutely loved decorating my own room!

All summer we are talking about the Roma people and Current Canada, in a partnership with the IMB. I cried when I saw kids giving sacrifically to the missions offering (example: "Should I buy glowsticks or give my money to the offering so the Roma can hear about Jesus?")

One of my fantastic fellow staffers!

And another sweet staffer:

So, it stormed a lot (at inconveniet times) at Lake Yale. But, that's Florida, right? Even so, we praise Him in the storm and in the calmness. Our God is so great and always in control!

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  1. So glad you are having fun! Love the pictures! :D