Monday, December 13, 2010

It's cold outside

As I walked briskly from my car in the far-away parking lot to my cozy dorm room, desperately bracing from the blistering wind and COLD, I tried really hard to just think about the scorching heat I'll be experiencing in Africa (and the somewhat warmth we'll feel on the cruise!). It really does warm you from the inside out, actually.
But that was when I was out in the cold, really wishing I could be in the warmth. I really hate the miserable feeling I get halfway to my destination, when the wind is so cold that I can hardly bear it and I wonder just how in the world I'm ever going to make it all the way.
But now I'm here, in my cozy room, looking out at the beautiful snowy campus from my window with the Christmas tree. I've got Chamomile Mango tea in hand, Mom's pumpkin bread close by, cute flannel PJ pants, and Andrew Peterson playing softly in the background. And to top it all off, I just had the best conversation with a great friend and PP4L :) You couldn't pay me to go back out into the cold right now, except maybe to make me go take my 8 a.m. final tomorrow.
All that I wanted to say here is that, in this moment, I feel content. And it's a very, very good feeling! I feel as though things are falling into place and everything is cozy and happy... but the truth is, I'll have to go back out into the cold and face stuff. But before I face the elements, I need a hiatus- I need some rest and some comfort. I'm thankful that I have it. I'm almost recharged and ready to go back out into a battlefield/pursuit of souls and holiness and whatever else awaits... I'm so thankful that God provides comfort, peace, and rest! He's so, so good.

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