Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 30: Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days

I get a little tingly feeling when I think about where I'll be on December 7, 2012. Life will look so different in a year, and I'm thankful yet terrified. Where will He lead me? Where will I be? I have so many plans, yet they all rest in the Father's hands and He can do whatever He wants with them.

This time next year, I hope to be married to D and keeping up with a precious little apartment in Louisville (location TBA). This exact time next year, I hope to be finishing up the tail end of my student teaching by spending a few weeks in Quito, Ecuador with some bilingual students at a ridiculously expensive P-12 school. I pray, so much, that my time in Ecuador will have been preceded by some student teaching with ESL and elementary students in Jefferson County. I will be dreaming of walking the line and ending my time at WKU in December- finally.

I really really really hope it doesn't rain the week before May 19. I really extra super hope that it doesn't rain on May 19. I've put in a couple requests to the Weather Man up there in the sky, but you never know what He'll have up His sleeve :)

I'm dreaming of a summer, after finishing Block 2, of simply working and decorating a new home. I realized yesterday that I haven't spent a whole summer in Louisville since my sophomore year of high school, and so it will be interesting to experience my hometown once again in the middle of the hot months!

I'm really hoping that my foot surgery goes very well in order that I can get back into running. I've always loved running, and often get in these weird moods where all I want to do is burst outside and run a mile or two (mostly happens when I'm hunched over Microsoft Word for hours), but the combination of weak knees/shin splints/hurt ankles/bunions (go ahead and laugh) have kept me from running since I joined the track team in high school. Once my crooked toes are straightened out, I really hope I'll be able to run without pain!

I'm dreaming of getting involved at Americana once again after moving back home. In fact, I'm dreaming about all the possibilities for working with immigrants & refugees that Louisville has to offer- especially in the summertime, when I'll have (a little bit more) free time!

There's so much more I'm hoping for... but we'll see what happens :)

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