Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finals and Foot Surgery

It's 5 a.m., and I'm sitting here on the couch at home waiting for my drowsy pain meds to kick in. Finals week ended for me on Monday night in a flurry of packing, pacing, and cramming for the last English final of the semester. I rang in Christmas Break with foot surgery on both of my feet to straighten out the bunions on my big toes. I'd like to clarify for the world that my bunions are structural and hereditary issues- not those naaaasty callouses that form as a result of wearing heels one too many times. This chick doesn't even like to wear heels. In fact, I don't really even like feet.

This awesome man has been a champ- he's watched me be way too giggly before surgery, when I almost answered the anesthesiologist's question of "is there anything that hinders you from doing anything physically?" by saying "well, I can't fly, if that's what you mean." (it was a lot funnier when I was on pain meds) He's watched me cry way too much and mope way too much and demand for him to drag me around the house/bring me things. He's the bomb.PS- I don't have any recollection of this being taken. All I remember is that they played Justin Timberlake in the surgery room.

It's been quite a week. I hardly remember now the blur of a week I just had studying for finals. However, here's a recap of the 7th finals week of my college career:

  • I scheduled one too many dinner dates with people, attempting to cram them all in before I left to go home. Oops. But it was well worth it :)

  • On the first day of "my finals week" (last week), I gave 3 presentations. Every single one of them were made up on the fly, with Powerpoints as my guide. By the end of it, I felt full of myself and felt like I was standing on an enormous soapbox. Yeehaw.

  • Let's just say that I have had some issues with laptops this semester. The sound on this borrowed laptop and my headphones were seemingly "out of order." Unfortunately, my go-to study spot is Barnes & Noble, and you would be surprised at how many people talk at an alarming noise level in that little cafe. Needless to say, I learned a lot about cat litter and honors thesis projects and a lady's irritating rash over the last week...

  • The night before a huge lesson was due, I camped out at Starbucks until they closed. I returned to the same table the next morning. Starbucks employee: "wait, did you stay here all night?" Yes, yes I did.

  • Ladies and Gents, I pulled my first ever all-nighter on the night before 2 papers and one final were due! I got so much done- both papers, the final, some overdue sewing, etc. Who knew you could be so productive in the early morning hours? I began to rethink my decision as I sat in the food court at 7:45 a.m., waiting to go to work, staring blankly ahead and holding an uneaten Poptart. Early mornings (and long nights) make me do strange things, like eating a Poptart. I got a 97% on that dang paper, and my professor commented on it with "a very thorough and well-thought paper. a pleasure to read." Ha.

  • By Friday, I had found some awesome ways to procrastinate on any form of studying or paper-writing. Included: begging Erin to let me open my Christmas present, checking Facebook, complaining, Zumba, looking at high school photos, complaining, thrift store shopping, taking Photobooth pictures on D's iPad, reading adoption blogs, complaining, etc...

  • By Sunday, my brain had turned to mush, and I realized it officially when I listened to a song off JB's Christmas album (given to me by a precious high school young lady!). The lyrics: "Leave me some cookies, I will eat them all." What I thought it said: "If your lips were cookies, I would eat them all."

  • As I drove to my last final on Monday night, I left the music off in my car and didn't talk to a soul on the way into class. My reasoning? I needed to attempt to hold in all the information that I just crammed into my brain, because it would fall out/get lost if I spoke or listened to anything else. That was a legitimate fear.

On today's to-do list: sleep, eat, take medicine, get carried/dragged (drug?) to the bathroom, watch TV. Maybe I'll even get around to reading a book or knitting- we shall see what I have time for ;)

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