Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I've been called everything from a stork to a skiier, but in most recent news I was able to hobble into my friend Annie's house this morning without a wheelchair! I'm becoming so independent and self-sufficient. This past week has taught me many things:

1. Being a toddler isn't so easy. I ran into a lot of people while shopping this week because I couldn't see them while sitting low to the ground in my wheelchair.

2. Being old isn't so easy. Relying on others (read: David) to throw me over their shoulders and carry me up & down stairs or to wash my hair, or feeling pain with every movement (even when trying to sleep) isn't too fun. I don't like walking to a staircase and praying that there are handrails. I feel for the old folks.

3. I will never be a good couch potato or lazy person, because sitting on a couch for an entire week left me with a numb rear and antsy appendages! I was so ready to start walking around again, and I got tired of watching TV after Day 2. However, this has provided ample time to get excited about wedding planning, and I am LOVING that!

4. Being entirely helpless teaches a lot of humility and patience. I must be patient when my dearheart brother doesn't listen to a word I'm saying about directions when maneuvering my wheelchair around WalMart. I must be patient when I have to go to the bathroom at 3 a.m. and must wait for my precious mother to get my text and come downstairs to push me in the swivel chair to the bathroom before I burst. I become humble when I beg for someone to hand me my ringing phone that is just out of arm's reach, but I can't quite grab it. I become really humble when my friends come to visit and I haven't bathed or looked at a mirror in 4 days. Initially, it's kind of nice to be "bossy," but after a week of begging people in the kitchen to bring you something that is one foot away from you in the living room... it gets a little old.

Today, I reached the milestone of texting & walking at the same time... multitasking!! Who knows where the coming weeks will lead me  :)

[caption id="attachment_447" align="aligncenter" width="284" caption="Washing my hair while keeping my feet dry demanded bucket-bathing skills from Africa :)"][/caption]

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  1. You have a very sweet hubby-to-be!!!!!