Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Beauty of Today

 I walked outside to run yesterday and loved the picture before me of rolling clouds and soft thunder. I may be crazy, but I embraced the adventure and took off for a run. The deep clouds gave soft rain for a bit, and it felt so freeing to just keep running. The refreshing gift of cool and soft rain was welcomed on my sweaty and exhausted body. The view was glorious- cool mist gathering in clusters in the ravines next to me, bird chirping as the rain ceases, and overall peace as I finished that morning run. Not many people go running when there is a chance of rain, and I am so thankful for that peaceful moment where I could capture some of God's beauty and hold onto it for just a moment, cherishing it as if He created that scene just for me. And, in that moment, I think He did.

It has been so easy for me to walk through my days like a living zombie, just waiting for the next free moment that I can snag to go finish my homework or settle back into my apartment. I live moment-by-moment with eyes glazed over. But something happened this week that made my eyes snap back to life and shot a powerful jolt up my bones; it whispered that we are not meant to live life as passers-by. God created a beautiful and meaningful world for us to live in; it is flawed, but it holds so much restored beauty. He created the springtime for us to remember that He makes all things new; He created long walks to the car so I could remember to look at the surroundings I pass every day. It's like living next to a mountain- in your daily routine, you forget the mountains are there. Or you forget how beautiful they actually are.

Take time to breathe, slow down, and applaud the Lord for the beautiful things He creates in every person, event, and surrounding. He creates such beautiful things, if we will only stop and notice them.

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